17 Year Old From New Zealand

From an early age, Carson set out to become a performer and professional Solo Musician. Natural ability will only take an artist so far, but a strong will and a loving and supportive family has helped push Carson forward and continues to drive his development and success. Check out his newest productions below, and get in touch with any questions about Carson.



Young Mind With An Old Soul

Born and raised in Palmerston North, New Zealand, Carson has been building his solo career as a talented Solo Musician since 2011 when he got his first taste of a pleased and loving audience. Influenced by the likes of Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson and Harry Chapin, Carson's musical tastes and inspirations are what make him stand out at his age, as if he was born in the wrong generation. Carson aspires to perform music that tells a story and captures a soul. He is also enjoys doing choral singing and his currently in his third year of representing New Zealand in the New Zealand Secondary School's Choir of which he is the Choir Leader. His signature voice and his style of playing has become a favourite of many varieties of audiences and fans. This musician is on the rise, and he is determined to change lives with his songs, inspire others to lead a life in music and to live a life doing what he loves doing.

"If I work my whole life and only change one person's life, that'll be a life well spent" -Carson

Book of Chords


CARSON at age 17, stands 6 foot 4 inches tall.  He is a young man with a love for his craft of music…and he immediately hit the market running

In New Zealand Carson’s performance on Jesse Mulligan’s RNZ Show, created records in terms of listeners and their huge approval of his immense talent!

Even before his first album has been finished, his appearance at Gray Bartlett’s “PLATINUM!” release sellout concert in Auckland, drew long lines of the audience to seek his signature and to meet him…It was amazing to see!!

His rendition of “Wicked Games” was spellbinding…and the crowd gave him thunderous and long applause.

Media wanted more…and a return for the Xmas special of Jesse’s XMAS RNZ Special cemented his approval ratings, with one of the biggest audiences on radio! 

CARSON has a winning way with his music…and his personal and emotional interpretations of well-known songs and brilliant original tracks, have Kiwis just continually asking when the debut album will be released!! 

This is planned for September 2019 along with support on major tours. 

CARSON has just arrived!  And there is no doubt….he is a star on a meteoric rise!  

“Carson has a magical personal style of singing, and extraordinary guitar and piano playing ability. 

“CARSON has impressed all media, and public alike in a very short time, with encore audiences and now his first USA visit to perform in Fort Worth Texas and Nashville Tennessee await.

“All agents in the USA have been attracted to his unique ability, to win over audiences, with his youthful honesty and freshness, and by being just CARSON! “



New Zealand

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